Alisha Bailey
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Alisha Bailey




Driving under the influence


Pheromone manipulation

Portrayed by

Antonia Thomas

Alisha, portrayed by Antonia Thomas, is the party girl of the Misfits, gaining an ASBO for constant Drink driving. Her ability is Pheromone manipulation she makes people who touch her skin want to have sex with her, going into a frenzy and to describe their desires aloud in graphic detail; however, her "partners" have no recollection of the act or connection to her afterward, she realised this after effect when she used her power on Curtis.

She abuses this power until she confirms her feelings with Curtis in episode three. The two decide to try for a relationship, including "phone sex without the phone", that both acknowledge can never become physical because of her ability.

in Series 2 Alisha  broke up with Curtis and has an  affair with Simon