Curtis Donovan
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Curtis Donovan




Drug possesion


Time manipulation

Portrayed by

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

Curtis, portrayed by Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, was once a rising sports star, who had been aiming to compete in the 2012 Olympics. However, his career was left in tatters after being caught in possession of cocaine and being publicly shamed, as he was made an example under the eyes of the law due to his high profile. After the storm, Curtis has the power of time manipulation, allowing him to be able to rewind and replay past events to affect their outcome whenever he regrets something, a power which he has little control over. Curtis is shown to be able to replay events multiple times. He was initially in a relationship with Alisha, but after changing history, so that his previously-ex-girlfriend Sam would be kept out of the drug charges that led to his arrest, he discovers that he is still involved with Sam, although he later managed to break up with her.

in Series 2 Alisha  broke up with Curtis and has an  affair with Simon