Nathan Young
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Nathan Young

Age (D.O.B)

20 (15.03.89)





Portrayed by

Robert Sheehan

Nathan, portrayed by Robert Sheehan, is cocky and quick-witted, and the last of the group to display a power: Immortality. He says he was given community service for eating pick 'n' mix from a bowling alley; episode four also shows that he also ran riot while ridiculing and attempting to escape the manager.

For much of the series, Nathan is homeless and lives at the community centre, having been kicked out of his divorced mother's house for his repeated sabotage of her love life. He is angry at his father for abandoning them, even rebuffing his father's attempt to bail him out of possible arrest at the bowling alley.

Nathan spends a great deal of time early on trying to figure out what his power is, but claims to have given up on it by episode six. His power is hinted at in one of episode four's alternate timelines, which presents him the only survivor of Tony's rampage, found "half-dead" by police, but unable to explain why. He is shown to be in fact immortal in episode six of the first season, after he is impaled on a metal fence after falling from a building and dies. He regains consciousness days later, after his funeral and burial, to find that he is trapped inside his coffin underground.