Rachel Leyton
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Rachel Leyton







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Jessica Brown - Findlay

The head of the 'Virtue' organisation, she possessed the power of suggestion, able to influence others to essentially become 'perfect' teenagers - dressing in conservative clothing and disdaining sex, drugs and alcohol. She influenced the change by speaking the words, "You don't have to behave like this; you can be so much better.", but it is unclear whether this is all she can do with her power or if it is simply based on her own desire to fit in, as she was apparently teased for her attitude at school. Her power requires the person to clearly hear what she is saying. In a confrontation later where Nathan threatens her with a water-pistol in the shape of a pistol, she defended her actions by claiming that she was making their lives better, but he took her hostage and led her to the roof of the community centre, making a passionate speech about the benefits of individuality. She realised that he was only armed with a water-pistol, falling off the roof in the subsequent scuffle, her death ending her influence over the other teenagers.