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Simon Bellamy

First and Last Appearences

Series 1, episode 6
Series 3, episode 8




One-Way Time Travel
Immunity to other people's Powers

Portrayed by

Iwan Rheon

Super-Hoodie was the future version of Simon Bellamy, until Simon travelled back in time after the death of Alisha, when he became Present Simon.

Series OneEdit

An unknown individual dressed in an orange hoodie, 'Super-Hoodie' first appeared in one of Simon's videos helping a member of the public, and featured on posters both on the E4 website game, and in the show. The first appearance was in Episode Six, riding in on a bike to help Nathan escape from a group of Virtue teenagers. His face is concealed by a hood and a black mask, and it is unclear if has an ability. In one of Simon's latest videos Superhoodie is shown to be very acrobatic, he also knows about the Misfits' powers.

Series TwoEdit

Superhoodie throws a paper aeroplne to Kelly, with a message telling her to go to Nathan's grave, with the