Danny Sapani

Tony Morcombe is the main protagonist for the misfits in episode 1. Tony is the misfits first probation officer, and unlike the others after him seems to somewhat care for the Misfits. During community service the misfits and Tony experience a freak storm, in which they all gain powers. After the storm Tony gained superhuman strength and hatred towards the "ASBO scum". One of the community service members, Gary, was the first to find out about Tony's powers but did not live to tell.

The next day the Misfits come in Tony seems normal. Later when he walks into the center and stomps out Nathan's cigarette he seems agitated. When he confronts Kelly he is seemed as extremely angry at Kelly for no reason, and his powers are later triggered by being hit in the face by Kelly. His nose is shown bloody and his eyes an eerie gray . He creates a make shift weapon from the gate behind him and turns his head looking for Kelly. Once he finds Kelly he begins to chase her into the community center,where she warns the other misfits.

The misfits initially do not believe Kelly's accusation, and Curtis opens the door allowing a deranged Tony to enter and kill Kelly. Curtis rewinds time creating an alternate turn of events in which Nathan opens the door but closing and locking it, in time for him to lock it. Tony continues to beat on the door but soon gives up, much to the relief of the misfits. He later bust through the back door where Kelly beats him with a paint bucket knocking him on the ground; she then continuously stomped on this head, consequently killing him.